Perky Latina Nipples in Red Bra

Meet LaReina, one of the fresh new topless models showing off their gorgeous titties on JustNips. She's 29yo, 5'-2", and comes stacked with a full 34D rack.

She's definitely not shy.

"I got boobs early," she said. "I don't think their was a guy who could keep his eyes off my chest. I didn't mind. Having a man stare at my tits excites me.

She says a red is her preferred color for undergarments.

"Red is sex and passion," she notes. "I'm a fiery latina, too, so this color suits my temperament. It's also my favorite color for bras."

I pulled the pic above because I like the way she arches her chest to accentuate the size of her tits.

"I like being topless," she says. "I like the open air on my boobs. I like pinching my nipples. If I'm with a guy, I absolutely insist he bites them!"

Any takers?

Line starts in the back fellas. Especially if you want to suckle this pushy nipple and lovely big light brown areola!

I don't know about you guys but LaReina's knockers put my dick in a knot. I only snagged these three boob pics. But she's got a ton more. Including more closeup hi res pics of her nips (the photography is really well done.).

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