28yo Red Head's Sexy Bumpy Areola's

Deja! How can I ever forget you, my sunkissed babe! My big titty sweetheart with the peral white skin, the waist jewel, the belly button tat...the huge sexy bumpy areolas that make my head swim...

Oh, and to top it off, your a ginger. Damn, girl, get over here and sit on my stick!

(Don't take it personally, gents, but for whatever reason, my blogs digress into my obsession with nipples. I try to stop myself from going off the deep end but fleshy tit nipples hypnotize me..)

28yo Deja comes to us blessed with a perfect pair of C cups. You can tell she takes care of her jugs. I believe I overheard her tell the photog that she oils them with almond butter and if her lover is anxious she'll twist her nipples until he crawls on all fours to worship her boobs...

Sounds like something I'd do. Shit, she's already put a spell on me. How could anyone resist? Check this nipple pic for starters and tell me I still have my wits...

I'm a nut for big areola's on C cup redheads. I don't see them everyday, so you'll pardon me as I get my drool bucket.

But the sweet hang of that flesh...Man, that puts some serious wood in my pants. I want to thank Deja for taking care of her breasts. Too many women her age give up and let themselves sag. It's a pity.

I also give her tits kudos for how the nipple arches up on her breast. That's perfect placement, and deserves praise. Now, if I could figure out a way to get under her in that pic and have her gently lower her full sensitive breast into my mouth.

Not hungry yet? Hmmm....OK, here's another nipple pic from Deja's private photo portfolio. Nice and meaty for and up close for you real tit afficionados.

Now your ready to suckle? Told ya!

See the bumps on the areola? God damn that's a turn on. And, according to Deja, they get bigger the more you lick them.

"I thought I was a freak when my areola bumps got hard," she recalled. "But I had a really sensitive lover who assured me my nipples were the hottest part of my body

"He loved getting a nice handful or he had me get a handful and then he'd go down on my boobies and suck them erect. I nearly orgasmed the minute he started on me."

Not hard to imagine at all. Rumour has it that redheads get wet at the drop of a hat. Why should Deja be different?

"I think there's some truth to that," she said. "If my boobs get all tender and warm in my bra, I have to finger myself. I don't care where I'm at. Subway, dressing room, bar toilet...doesn't matter. I'm easily aroused. "

Like red-haired girls with bumpy areolas on a firm rack?

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Red-Haired MILF Shows Off Her Sexy Boobs

Red heads are like gold coins - rare. So when I got email that JustNips had posted a set of a ginger babe I was the first in line to check out the goods. 

I wasn't disappointed. 

In addition to her  red locks, she's got freckles and a sporty demeanor that tells me she can put out with the best of them. Her features, too, are clean. I like how her eyes light up. Nice teeth are a definite plus. 

But it's her nipple breasts that put lead in this man's pencil. 

These are definitely nice ass B/C cups. Just enough for a handful and a bit more. I like that. Their's no sag on this girl, either. No way. She's taken good care of these cans and I for one definitely appreciate it. 

But let's get to her love of the sun, shall we? 

"I'm a sun chaser," she reveals. "I like nothing more than kicking it in a chair,  topless,  in a little string bikini, legs spread apart, soaking up rays.

"Sure I got freckles, and their cute! Kind of goes with being a red head, don't ya think? And if you're a guy who likes tanlines, you're in luck. The get real noticeable in the summer, and then fade a bit in the winter. I like tanlines because when I take off my top my breasts are milky white nad my nipples rose pink." 
Hey, Willow, I'm with you 100 percent on the tanline nipples! 

But fellas, let's focus on her nipples. Her areola's are of average size. So it's her nipples that do the work. Big, hard, stubs that beg for a good sucking! 

"I like walking in from a session on the pool deck into a cold room and letting my nipples get erect and rock hard. They're very noticeable if I have my bikini top on. In fact, the combination of cold air and my top make my nips extra hard. Doesn't hurt if I got a guy egging me on to take off my top and shove them in his face, though." 

Can I get a piece of this? 


Perky Latina Nipples in Red Bra

Meet LaReina, one of the fresh new topless models showing off their gorgeous titties on JustNips. She's 29yo, 5'-2", and comes stacked with a full 34D rack.

She's definitely not shy.

"I got boobs early," she said. "I don't think their was a guy who could keep his eyes off my chest. I didn't mind. Having a man stare at my tits excites me.

She says a red is her preferred color for undergarments.

"Red is sex and passion," she notes. "I'm a fiery latina, too, so this color suits my temperament. It's also my favorite color for bras."

I pulled the pic above because I like the way she arches her chest to accentuate the size of her tits.

"I like being topless," she says. "I like the open air on my boobs. I like pinching my nipples. If I'm with a guy, I absolutely insist he bites them!"

Any takers?

Line starts in the back fellas. Especially if you want to suckle this pushy nipple and lovely big light brown areola!

I don't know about you guys but LaReina's knockers put my dick in a knot. I only snagged these three boob pics. But she's got a ton more. Including more closeup hi res pics of her nips (the photography is really well done.).

Here to Download More Nude Nipple Pics of LaReina